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Have you watched anime in a theater

| How does it feel looking at upscaled 720p video in a huge screen. And is there any difference in teathrical experience of Makoto Shinkai-esque movie (originals) vs regular anime movie (since about every mainstream anime has a movie nowadays)

| Well I just watched Tenki no Ko in theaters and it was Beautiful. With all the visual details, theater is probably the optimal way to watch this particular movie.

Kinda miss being able to commentate though. It's a thing I do with friends when watching movies.

| Saw "Your Name" in a theatre and was neat to see it on the big screen. The audio will beat any home set up and I didn't notice anything bad about the resolution.

| I saw Liz and the Blue Bird twice, for a music centric anime like that nothing beats the theater sound system. The my hero academia movie could be watched at home just fine though.

| Heavens Feel II was amazing in theaters but my only issue is that the audience was vocal as hell.
>Herc does a thing
>Sakura says shes a virgin

| Saw Hibike movie 3, Perfect Blue, and some ghibli stuff
Always just a nice experience to go to the theater to see stuff like that. It's a different atmosphere from just watching at home and I think that makes it worth it

| I watched a few Pokémon movies when I was a kid, barely remember anything

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I saw it in the theatre too, but they censored the "scene" so my experience was subpar.

| I watched the DBS Broly movie in the theatre twice, that was a lot fun. Watching it at home just isn't the same.

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I like to think of that as just the Cinema Experience.

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Yea but when it gets to the more serious stuff you think people would read the mood you know?

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Also, movies are not only about the moving pictures. It's about sound, too. It's about how they work together. And my home setup DEFINITELY doesn't sound as good as a theatre.
What about the upscale ? Is that a real problem ? Free answer : no.
Unless you have fucking bionic eyes or a very rare condition that changes the distribution of photoreceptor cells to be a few dozen times denser.
The 4k scans are just eye candy for still shots, I'll gladly take them though.

| I have not seen anything in theaters, but I want to go see Promare at one. Anyone know if it's coming to the US?

| I have watched SAO Ordinal Scale in a theather, the graphics weren't impressive, but holy shit the singing and soundtrack over the sound system was a fucking blast.

| Madoka Magica Rebellion

| Koe no Katachi was a pleasant experience. I think they had a proper 1080p copy as I couldn't tell much difference with the 1080p ver I got a couple months later.

Best part was the sound though; it was just amazing to hear, with the cinema atmosphere and reverb really capturing the emotional moments very well.

| The youjo senki movie was a fuckin blast. Didnt know what to expect but the theatre definitely added to the combat and firearm sounds(of which there was plenty). Basically any movie you expect to have good sound/music/soundtrack design is well worth spending alittle extra to watch in theaters.

| goin' to watch weathering w/ you. Apart from the big screen big landscape art, not expecting anything much.

| Miyazaki's movies are being rereleased in theatres around here. All landscape views look absolutely gorgeous. Definitely way more aesthetical pleasure than watching same movies on a laptop.
Granted, Miyazaki's movies a

| ...Miyazaki's movies have lots of details on screen. Not sure if less detailed anime would have the same effect.

| OP here. Just back from watching Tenki no Ko and Code Geass Re;surrection in a row to sort of reaffirm my point (and because the opportunity presented itself). As expected, or dare I say unexpectedly, Tenki no Ko looked GORGEOUS on the big screen while Code Geass looks as what I would expect on my monitor really. Or rather, now that I've seen it, I'm glad that I saw Tenki no Ko in the theater, and I lament the fact that I missed Kimi no Na Wa even more.

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You and me both, buddy. I also missed Kimi no Na wa on theater and had to wrestle with some shady sites just to have a decent quality on my TV.

| I watched Kikis and your name and they were pretty cool (your name was a mite overrated personally)

| As much as I like your name I have to admit it's even more overrated than Ghibli movies, and Ghibli movies are insanely overrated

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Hm, well it *looks good*, and as long as it doesn't have surreal plotline I'd watch it just because it *looks good*. Ghibli movies fall into the surrealist territory too often and they make me feel stupid for not reading deep enough into them. I loved Spirited Away for the aesthetic though.

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I just realized you were replying to the comment above you and now I'm not sure what I'm talking about. I'm an idiot lmao.

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