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good anime of the last year

| I like a good story recommend me something. I havent watched stuff for a while.

| No.

| > piano sounds in the distance
"Kono, Giorno Giovanna, ni wa yume ga aru"
> "Giogio's bizarre adventure: golden wind" logo appears

| >>592249 Violet Evergarden was broadcast earlier this year but it's hands down my favorite one this year. Just prepare yourself for some crying, cause it's a show with tons of feels

| Cowboy Bebop

| >>592322
Fuck man. I cried literally every episode

| There's this new series called Neon Genesis Evangelion, it's pretty okay.


| Senko-san is pretty good. It's not a mindblowing masterpiece, but it is new level moe. Really comfy

And, of course, have you heard about our lady and savior Chika Fujiwara?

| >>592868
why does people on internet praise this shit? I mean it's just a cheap kobayashi san's dragon maid's ripoff, wich wasn't great itself.

For me there've been Carole and Tuesday and Enen no Shouboutai (wich i still ongoing). And yeah... Chika.

| >>592928
Senko-san is comfy. Sometimes that's all you need.

And to op, The Promised Neverland is solid not-horror with a good story.

| “dumbbell nan kilo moteru?” is fun, and gives nice exercise tips as well, it’s definitely worth giving a watch

| >>592322

| Violet evergarden is by far the best one recommended here. Also try koe no katachi on that same trend

| "Bunny girl senpai" was really good. It's far more interesting than it may appear at first, also Mai-san best gurl

| thanks for all the suggestions, ill try some of them!

| try Tensei shitara Slime Datta Ken, very comfy isekai that's worth

| Houseki no Kuni had a great story, and is probably the best cgi anime out there.
Made in Abyss had a pretty good story too, reminded me a lot of Etrian Odyssey.

| >>593122
What an odd way to spell Futaba

| Houseki no kuni was p good, so was made in abyss. Also watch Gundam Thunderbolt for action anime or megalo box

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