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whats your first drunk experience?

| did you just tried out on your own? Did u play drunk games with ur friends? Im pretty curious!

| Never got drunk. Russian, 20yo

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| not sure why is this on /a/, but whatever.

i got drunk for the first time when i was 17 at a school trip. i got wasted with some classmates i have never talked to before. alcohol brought us together, but when we sobered up we never talked again.

| I watched G-Saviour. it was bad and I needed a drink after.

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Was out sailing and shared a bottle of rum with my dad.

| >>083b86 yea I put it here by accident>:(

| I ate this one extra spicy samyang noodles and actually got myself somewhat high due to it being soo spicy. Does that counts?

| >>591779 spicy high is best high

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so high mate

| We played Irish poker, I lost, had to "ride the bus", got immensely fucked up drinking several jars of moonshine, got paid $500 dollars to streak across our uni campus. Also got paid $40 to let my friend lick my nip. Was a good time.

| Me and a few classmates went to a sports bar and had a few beers. Didn't quite enjoy it at that time but now I find beers quite tasty

| Drank 1.5 litre of beer after dinner.
Made the mistake to lie down when I got home.
Never went to the toilet so fast.
I regret this.

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The worst part is you can't get drunk if you spill it before you digest it.
So technically, it wasn't a drunk experience...

| I never really know how much buzzed counts as drunk but I've certainly been at points where I was like 'gee I've had too much for my liking'

first time was probably after work where I just drank one too many beers

| Drank half a cup of champagne once, got a headache instantly and never drank alcoholic drinks even again

| Got drunk in a bar with some uni groupmates when I was 18, got a bit clingy and made out with someone, other than that just sat on a sofa, chatted and took care of less fortunate (read: throwing up) ppl in our group

| Don't have one, can't afford to rape anyone

| New years, Mario party drinking game. I couldnt stop landing on the fucking red spaces. Started screaming and dancing like a crab. Was a very weird night

| Had a few glasses with seniors in college. Good times (~˘▾˘)~

| Lots of Jose cuervo. Did shots one at a time. Then got to 5 and it hurt to move so I just stared at the wall.

| Relatively late for where I'm from since my parents were oddly pro-alcohol. The generation of their parents was pretty strict so they know that you can't stand between teens and underage drinking so they decided to nurture a kind of drinking etiquette so I don't pass out in an ally drinking in shady social circles.
First year of college at 17 celebrating finals with the boys, those people dragged me out if being a sociely awkward neet.
10 beers on a beach during late spring outa 10

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