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do you simulcast or binge watch

| binge watch

| Just one or two simulcast a season. Mostly binge watch, but even that I usually pace at a couple episodes a week anyway.

| I'm afraid both. At the same time.
I watch 2 episodes at double speed during 1 simulcast.

| I try to simulcast, end up falling behind, get mad and wait for it to end so I can binge the rest

| Binge for: Shounen, Mystery, Drama/Romance, Sport
Simulcast for: Comedy, Slice Of Life, Cute girls doing cute thing

Basically; if it is high stakes, has a lof of cliff hangers, and longrunning shows, you should binge it. And if it is low stakes, episodic, and comfy/turn off your brain, then watch it weekly.

| I only binge.

| both

| >>591480
This. Very much so.

| Binge only as intended

| Only read memes of 'em

| Mostly binge. Although when I simulcast, sometimes I don't watch it for a few weeks so I can binge a few in a row. Kimetsu no Yaiba is one I do that for since all the fights tend to have cliffhangers of sort.

| Neither. I watch several episodes of an anime a day mostly. Very rarely an anime pulls me in so much that I want to finish it asap and do it binge.

| Binge, its just much easier to watch after everything has unfolded. Especially if its something I havent read or seen

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This thread is permanently archived